Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mike Wheeler/Funky Mojo Daddy/Buddy Guy

A good friend of mine had it on her "bucket list" to see Buddy Guy, and wanted to make it happen this year. Well, every January, he does a residency of shows at his blues club in Chicago and that's where she planned on seeing him. It just so happens that my birthday is in January, so she asked if I'd be interested in going with her. Being a music lover, and being able to spend the day out with a good friend, I was more than happy to! Besides, our good friends Funky Mojo Daddy were opening for him.. Happy birthday to me! lol... The doors opened at noon, so we'd figured on at least being there by then, as these shows are VERY popular. We got there around 11 AM, and there was already a line of about ten people!! I'm glad we got there early (even though we froze outside for an hour, lol)!! When the doors opened, she made a bee line for the tables (I had a bag that had to be checked) and got the last one in front of the stage!  

I have quite a few friends that have seen (or played with, like this night) Buddy Guy. Being more of a "rock chick", he was just not someone that was a must see for me. Boy, was I wrong about that! At eighty one years old, this man played (like a young man!), sang, and told stories (most of them humorous) for three solid hours!! Nope, he did NOT take a break!! It was beyond amazing!! I've always been interested in history, so I love listening to stories from people that have been through so much. It was also interesting to find out that the club is run by his children along with himself. And it really seemed to me that the rest of the staff is basically part of the family. Which made the experience that much more enjoyable, at least for me. 

Opening at noon, and the main show not being until 7:30, there was an acoustic performer for the afternoon. There was an issue with the original performer, and he left, so they had to call someone in.. and it just happened to be someone else I know, lol..  First to perform was Mr. Mike Wheeler... I didn't take a lot of photos, as we were eating lunch and socializing at the time...

Then we have good friends, Funky Mojo Daddy... and as hard as I tried, I just couldn't get a good photo of drummer Jerry Porter.. Sorry Jerry..

Ryan Frahm

Jeff Massey

Kenny Kinsey

T.J. Jenkins

And now Buddy Guy! By this time, the place was packed and it was standing room only!

At this point, Buddy left the stage and played through the crowd. A friend of mine was there too, and saw me pointing my camera his way, lol.. (Buddy was playing on the other side of the crowd behind my friend)

Buddy is on the right in the photo below...

Then Buddy tells us that a girl that works at the counter, and has for quite a while, told him "I can play guitar.." so on this night, he brought her on stage to play (fyi, she was great!).. Along with his son, and his daughter did some singing..

This is when Buddy played some Hendrix, and did he EVER!!

Buddy Guy, that's who!!

Time for thank you's and good-byes.. After the show, he signed stuff for the audience.. 

This is one of his many awards, I just thought it looked cool, and below that, a couple of his Grammy's...

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Buddy Guy

700 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, Illinois

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