Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hessville Star at Lake of Four Seasons Summer Concert Series

My writing here is going to be short and sweet because I've put too much on my photography plate.. I love this band, and I'm honored to call them friends. They don't play often because of busy schedules (all of them are in other bands, and two of them are in national acts) so I try to go see them whenever they play. They are amazing, go see them play. On to the photos... lol

Band members are:

Zeke Rongers; guitar, bass, vocals
Billy Ozzello; Bass, guitar, vocals
Chris Grove; keys, vocals
Chris Karp; drums, vocals

Dig those shoes... 

 A little out of focus, but he cracks me up..

Yes, I like the shoes... lol

The Zeke Rongers fan club....

I'm sorry I didn't get more pics of Chris Karp. Sometimes it's not so easy to get good drummer shots...

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