Thursday, March 8, 2018

Pet Rock Benefit

This year, I was able to photograph the annual, and family friendly, Pet Rock benefit at County Line Orchard in Hobart. The benefit is for The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana.. Animals and music?! I'm there!!! 
 And what a benefit it was! There were MANY cool items for avid music lovers available for auction, and some awesome gift baskets... as well as a guitar and a trip to Mexico in a live auction!! WOW!! 
 Along with all of the goodies, there was a cash bar and food available.. AND live music!! The entertainment for the evening was provided by Jef Sarver and Mr Funnyman..  
 Jef did a very nice acoustic set with some songs that I don't hear very often, as I was busy photographing I didn't get to stop and listen as much as I normally would have, so I plan on trying to catch him again soon..
In between bands and music sets, they announced the winners of the baskets, closed the silent auctions and held the live auctions. They also recognized a few people that have been an important help to the Humane Society...
Then, local favorites, Mr. Funnyman rounded out the night with some great music that got the crowd dancing! 
Being an animal lover myself, I'd like to thank everyone that helps those animals. It is a rewarding, but sometimes, thankless job... I'd also like to give a big thank you to Tom Lounges, who does so much for fundraising efforts for them! It is very appreciated by many of us (especially the animals, I'm sure)!!

Please visit the links at the bottom of my blog to support The Humane Society and those that gave their time that evening, including the musicians...

I thought these little dog bone mats donated by Subaru were cute...

Caught them by surprise... lol

My hubby tried, but it became out of our reach..

Had to peek at Mr Funnyman's set list...

Tom making some announcements while Jeff is ready to play...

Time for some thank yous to those that help the Humane Society...

Then there was the announcement for volunteer of the year...

Time for some Mr. Funnyman and dancing!

And a short break for the live auction...

And back to the music!

Normally, I take a lot more band photos, but I don't like to use flash, (I like going for the feel of the moment) and the lighting that night was a bit harsh as it was close to the sides of the stage...

For even more great photos visit my husband's (Wes Bushby) blog here.

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On a personal note. I'd like to thank my good friends Charlotte and Keith... While I'm surely not the biggest Smithereens fan, I do love their music and am disappointed that I didn't make seeing them more of a priority before Pat DiNizio (their lead singer) passed away. I saw these and knew I had to bid on at least one of them, so I had bid on the poster that night, and was outbid by Charlotte! lol... And then she gave these both to me, knowing how much I would love them.. Thank you my friends..

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  1. You wonderfully captured a great event!
    I especially liked the photo taken from the balcony. The volunteers of HSNWI are amazing....all aspects are well-organized. The public was extremely generous, including you and your husband, Wesley, for volunteering your photographic journalism.

  2. What an awesome set of images from the awesome Christi! Thanks to you and Wes for helping make our PET ROCK event a success. Finally, we had someone with real cameras there to capture one of our Pet Rock events!